Innovative Structures And Customized Solutions

Segregated accounts at ONYXTRADE's regulated, audited & insured custodian built fully in-house
Loan Servicing
Full-service support for financial institutions to enable bitcoin-backed financing, including operational and collateral management
Comprehensive in-house execution platform offering global liquidity access to minimize execution costs and help attain best-in-class pricing
Customized asset-backed borrowing and lending opportunities with flexible terms and attractive economics
Custom Solutions
Wide range of custom solutions tailored to client objectives, structured by industry experts


ONYXTRADE satisfies the highest institutional regulatory, audit, and governance standards.

Financially Stable
Subsidiary of a diversified, well-capitalized holdings group
Highly Regulated
The only bitcoin asset manager with subsidiaries providing custody and execution with separate NYDFS licenses
Big-4 Auditor
Utilizes a top-tier auditor for financials and custody procedures since firm inception, including SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports
Top-tier Partners
Partners with an experienced network across fund administration, legal, and risk management
Founded in 2012

Our Sister Company: Stone Ridge Asset Management

Asset management firm focused on uncorrelated alternatives

Stone Ridge focuses on delivering valuable, diversifying return streams sourced from alternative risk exposures – not alpha. We believe strongly in markets and strongly in the link between risk and return. We leverage this link to create global opportunities for portfolio enhancement with a family of risk-specific strategies spanning reinsurance, volatility, and alternative lending.

Powered by a close-knit team – with experience in academia, capital markets, and alternative asset management – our investor solutions facilitate access to and execution of complex strategies, making them accessible and cost-effective.

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