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  • 111 BTC
    24 hour volume
  • 600,457
    active traders
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Segregated accounts at our regulated, audited & insured custodian built fully in-house

ONYXTRADE’s proprietary custody solutions meet the highest security, operational, and regulatory standards. Insured, segregated accounts and cold storage vaults in secured facilities provide peace of mind, and ONYXTRADE’s strict operational controls allow for a seamless diligence process.

Proprietary Custody Solution

  • Segregated accounts
  • 100% cold storage
  • Multiple secure facilities
  • Big-4 auditor


Best-in-class execution via an expansive network of global liquidity providers

Drawing upon years of experience in asset management, ONYXTRADE’s regulated over the counter trading desk aggregates liquidity from multiple liquidity providers.

With the ability to execute agency orders or commit risk capital, ONYXTRADE has the capability to execute even the largest and most complex transactions.

Liquidity Sources

  • Internal netting
  • Licensed OTC dealers
  • Proprietary market makers

Exemplary Execution

In-house execution tools built to scale for hedge funds and active traders

Asset Management

Bitcoin services for companies, institutions, and high net worth investors

Built upon the institutional experience of Stone Ridge, the parent company of a $12B+ alternative asset manager, ONYXTRADE provides a suite of institutional asset management products designed to meet various objectives.

Our team are experts in fund creation and management, and can craft customized solutions to address the most complex problems and objectives with vehicles such as funds and separately managed accounts.


Industry-leading expertise in derivatives markets

Derivatives can help institutional investors meet customized objectives from generating yield to entering the market, hedging existing positions, and more.

ONYXTRADE’s team brings expertise from top-tier financial institutions to the Bitcoin market.


Flexible lending and financing options via ONYXTRADE’s balance sheet and bank partners

ONYXTRADE’s unified funding capabilities offer a seamless, secure, tax-optimized experience. Borrow USD against Bitcoin collateral or lend Bitcoin for additional yield.

Premium Servicing

  • Borrow USD against Bitcoin
  • Secure collateral custody
  • 24/7 support

AML / KYC & Sanctions

Stringent anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) program that leads the industry

Our proprietary AML and Sanctions processes are integrated into the ONYXTRADE technology stack and are leveraged by the solutions we offer.

A focus on compliance and adherence to the highest regulatory standards provide ease in the diligence process.

Research & Advisory

Insights and thought leadership from market leaders

Our industry-leading team provides market commentary, trading color, and in-depth research.

ONYXTRADE’s vantage point offers a unique perspective on the Bitcoin markets.

Stay current with the latest research and insights from ONYXTRADE